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January 8, 2021 – Dragon Fire is here! Bastileborn: Dragon Fire is the full epic I’ve been working on for many years. I personally love it. It’s intensely romantic and erotic in proper places. My love of LOTR and GOT influenced this epic, but it’s my own wild creation. Daylith Slave is one of the storylines from Dragon Fire. Nov 25, 2020 – I’ve consolidated my short series! The ebooks are currently in the process of going live. The story links below are listed by Heat Rating. Sordid Details is SUPERHOT. It explores the murder trial of a rising porn star, Scarlet Walsh. Scarlet has an inappropriate relationship with the hot prosecuting attorney. Sordid Holiday is SUPERHOT. It’s the second instalment to Sordid Details. Bastileborn: Daylith Slave is SUPERHOT. It accounts Princess Irena’s plight in becoming a pleasure slave to an enemy prince. Daylith Slave is part of Dragon Fire. The Darlington Murders is a ROMANTIC SMOLDER. It is a story-driven account of a Victorian teenager, Lilly, falling in love and experiencing sexual awakening with the new house servant, Reese. My Angel’s Dream is a ROMANTIC SMOLDER and a modern fairytale. It originally started as a fanfic I wrote based on the hit series Supernatural. My Angel’s Dream follows a young woman’s life after she discovers she has dormant magic and must fulfil an elven prophecy. Three handsome, modern knights are chosen by heaven to protect her. It’s action packed and romantic. Check out Chloe Hunt’s author page for more details! I just combined my old series into full books to make them easier to keep up with. Amazon is slowly phasing out the old links. Be careful not to purchase the ones that have been discontinued. The links here are linked to the new stuff, so they are good!

Bastileborn BOOK 1 Dragon Fire available here!

Sordid Details BOOK 1 Unprofessional Pursuit available here!

Sordid Holiday BOOK 2 How My Stalker Almost Stole Christmas!

Bastileborn BOOK 1 Daylith Slave available here!

The Darlington Murders BOOK1 The New Servant available here!

My Angel’s Dream BOOK 1 Knights of Prophecy available here!

Sparkdust BOOK 1 Inoculation available here!


  1. Chloe Hunt October 18, 2020

    Hi, I’m excited to announce my story collection is available!

  2. Ann November 9, 2020

    I enjoy your writing a great deal. I’m also a writer in another genre, I’d love to talk with you sometime.

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